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By Timothy Wyllie

Writing including Timothy Wyllie, the angel Georgia information the occasions of Earth’s old heritage from 16,500 BC to 8,000 BC

• Chronicles the disappearance of Lemuria, the increase of Atlantean know-how and piracy, and the 1st wave of insurgent angels incarnating as Atlantean slaves

• Explains the three eras of Atlantis and the way the island used to be ultimately destroyed in 1198 BC

• Interwoven all through with observations approximately Timothy Wyllie’s present and former lives, akin to his years of involvement with the method Church

After two hundred millennia of celestial quarantine within the wake of Lucifer’s angelic rebellion, Earth and the insurgent angels remoted listed below are being welcomed again into the benevolent and being concerned Multiverse. Writing including Timothy Wyllie, Georgia--a insurgent angel who took at the position of Watcher after the rebellion--provides her own account of Earth from 16,500 BC to 8,000 BC, a interval that encompasses the 1st eras of Atlantis.

Georgia stocks her reports being current for the ultimate disappearance of Lemuria and the lack of their religious method. She describes complex Lemurian expertise that was once designed for the betterment of the Earth and its humans, and was once then misplaced, and the competitive piracy of the Atlanteans, who preyed at the Lemurian survivors. Detailing the 3 eras of Atlantis and the way the island’s ultimate destruction was once in 1198 BC, she explains the increase of Atlantis as a technological strength. She finds the quarrels among the Pleiadians and the Sirians in this interval and explores the myths of the Anunnaki, reputed to have arrived on the earth to mine for gold. Georgia interweaves her tale with observations approximately Timothy Wyllie’s present and former lives, focusing right here on his involvement with the method Church in addition to his studies with bizarrely orchestrated orgies, psychometrics, and psychedelic tradition in Europe within the Nineteen Seventies.

Georgia stocks her phrases, partly, to rouse many of the greater than a hundred million insurgent angels presently dwelling their human lives, so much ignorant of their angelic background and being affected by their experience of being various. She finds how a mortal incarnation for a insurgent angel is a chance to redeem the prior and support organize the best way for the transformation of worldwide recognition now starting because the rebel-held planets, together with Earth, are being welcomed again into the Multiverse.

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